Wild Like Us

Eleven-year-old Naomi has just one night to decide whether she wants her memory back. When society was collapsing in the Canyon Region, families could no longer care for their children and abandoned them to government-run camps. The government erased the children’s memories to protect them from their painful past. Now, the children are offered an opportunity to restore their memories and learn the truth about themselves and the outside world. Will Naomi choose her memories? And if she does, how will she survive on her own?

White Lightening Mysteries

An eerie mix of science fiction, mystery and drama, these ten stories will be sure to keep the reader thinking long after finishing each book.

Five of these books were chosen for an SLJ books for striving readers list and one received an SLJ starred review.

Return to Earth

On planet Zera, Andon’s dream is to work for the Space Center, just like his parents. He is convinced that something is destroying planets, and he wants to find out what it is. When Andon’s family travels to Earth, the journey puts them in more danger than they can imagine. Can Andon discover the true danger lurking? Or will it be too late for Earth and the people of Zera?

The Club

Kenny dreams of traveling, but virtual reality is as close as he’ll ever get to discovering new worlds. Or is it? When Kenny is offered a time-traveling trip on the black market, it is everything he ever wanted and more. But making his dream come true comes at a steep price. Is he willing to pay it?

Life Scan

Life Scan is something that Royal Adam has always dreamed of. It's thrilling when Royal receives one as a 16th birthday present. After all, who wouldn’t want to know their future? But what happens when the future isn’t all it’s expected to be? Will Royal risk everything to change it?

The Domes

Survivors live in cities under Domes. Only the Protectors can go to the outside world. 

The Not Ok Pet Sitters

Oscar and Kate decide to be pet sitters for the summer. They call their brand-new company OK Pets–"O" for "Oscar" and "K" for "Kate." They have everything under control–for a while. Then things start going wrong. And they are definitely NOT OK!


Demons are making people sick and only a few teenager demon hunters can stop them.


Zee secretly time travels, facing bullies, correcting old lies, and even escaping from dinosaurs. 

Summer Lake

Cora and Rayna plan a covert trip to look for treasure, but when Rayna backs out, Cora decides to go alone.

Play Hard

Ana is competitive, but Daniel, her brother, just plays for fun.

Early Teen Fluency Readers

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