White Lightening Mysteries

This series is an eerie mix of science fiction, mystery, and drama. Each story is unique and mysterious. 

The Domes

Survivors live in cities under Domes. Only Nova and Levi, the Protectors can go to the outside world. 


Zee secretly time travels, facing bullies, correcting old lies, and even escaping from dinosaurs. 

Summer Lake

Cora and Rayna plan a covert trip to look for treasure, but when Rayna backs out, Cora decides to go alone.


Demons are making people sick and only a few teenager demon hunters can stop them.

Play Hard

Ana is competitive, but Daniel, her brother, just plays for fun.

Welcome Newcomers

Books in this fiction series are for recent tween and teen immigrants.

Teen Early Fluency Libraries

Books in this hi-lo library are for struggling tween and teen readers.

Wild Like Us

Eleven-year-old Naomi has just one night to decide whether she wants her memory back. When society was collapsing in the Canyon Region, families could no longer care for their children and abandoned them to government-run camps. The government erased the children’s memories to protect them from their painful past. Now, the children are offered an opportunity to restore their memories and learn the truth about themselves and the outside world. Will Naomi choose her memories? And if she does, how will she survive on her own?